Customer: Descartables Company | Location: Barcelona | Year: 2011 |

“Descartable”, which means disposable, is the first work of the young director Daniel J. Meyer. The order included the staging and the general graphic image of the work (book, storyboard, posters, flyers, web image, etc.)


As for the graphic image, we created a series of stamps and stickers with the word "Descartable" that appeared on the different documents of the work, thus achieving a unitary image. Regarding posters, flyers and web, a screen image, consisting of many monitors, took importance as the key element in the course of the work, above which, as if it were a huge sticker, the word “Descartable” was placed. That took the main role and ratified one of the ideas of the synopsis: even “Descartable” is disposable.


The production of the staging was really complex taking in account the sort of work that had a high critical and social content, which flowed along several environments and ages. The huge variety of scenes and choreographies was the main reason to propose a completely abstract solution, with a big display as background and a few moving elements (cubes which size was 40 x 40 x 40 cm) that, depending on  their position in the scenario, generated the necessary furniture for each scene. Besides, these cubes had a face that could be opened as a part of a box so as to store clothing and small objects that the actors need to play the different scenes of the work.


A very good relationship and a constant feedback between us and the client allowed the obtaining of excellent results, with a short leadtime and a really tight budget.

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