Shop for the optics company DIFERÒPTICS

Customer: DiferOPTICS | Location: Street Diputació 124, Barcelona | Year: 2011 | Surface: 100.00m2

DiferOPTICS, an optics company with a big presence in Barcelona’s’ Eixample, decided, in 2011, to expand its facilities to offer a better service to its customers and, at the same time, to give more visibility to their collections of prestigious and high quality brands.

This new shop, which had been occupied by a bank along its large facade, required a complete refurbishment so as to satisfy the programmatic needs of the client. The whole space was configured as a diaphanous one, organized through showcases and personalized attention areas, both designed down to the smallest detail, so this is one of the main features of this company: the individualized aesthetic advice.

According to the preferences of the client, the choice of finishes achieved a single image, which optimized costs and gave prominence to products. In this way, the priority was the use of only three colours: white, as the main colour, and black and magenta, the corporate colours of the company, for some details of the furniture and the showcases.

The lighting was one of the main factors that were taken into account during the design process of the space. In this sense, the property was north-oriented, which meant that the large display windows of its facade could stay completely free of any protection against solar radiation, thus giving an excellent inside-outside relationship during the day, whereas, during the night, this situation allowed a noticeable presence on the public way, thanks to its powerful interior lighting.

The project was made in collaboration with Meritxell Solé Figueras (www. 1000arquitectures. com).

Furniture: Patricia Cancelo (www.

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