Thanks to the organizational system, which combines networking with in person work at our Technical Offices, a close and personal attention, a varied knowledge and accumulated experience, we offer our clients a wide range of proposals and solutions to their needs and concerns, covering all areas of the world of architecture. Our team composed by young people with energy, who can assist you in English, Spanish, Catalan, German, Italian and French, is composed by:

Montserrat Bonet i Papell. Barcelona 1976. Architect by ETSAB School of Architecture, from Politecnic University from year 2004. She is specialized on structures calculation. Has done a course about technical reports writting for building inspections (ITE) at Sert School (year 2011). From year 2001 cooperates with the office of architects Teresa Gimeno and Joan Gracia, where she is responsible for development of architectonical projects, interior designs, writting of technical reports and land's reports.

Ruben de Castro Losada. Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona, 1978. Architect by ETSAB School of Architecture, from Politecnic University from year 2004. Collaborated as architect at Menis Architects (Tenerife, 2004-2005), and was part of the team of  architects at Projectes Externs S.L. (Vilafranca del Penedès, 2005-2009) where was responsible for development and management of projects. He is associated professor at EPSEVG (School of Engineers) which belongs on the Politecnical University of Catalonia (UPC),at the grade of Industrial Design, Product's Development and Industrial Engineering’s. Also collaborates as a professor at Environment and Renewable Energies Master from IUSC which belongs on the Barcelona University (UB).

Xavier Martinez Marcos. Barcelona 1977. Architect by ETSAB  from year 2005. Founding member of the company Mavida Elements, S.L., which is specialized on the design, production and finally, the execution of the works at Spas and Wellness Areas, where is responsible of the project's management, from its first design until the final execution of the works. He is also experienced at the housing sector as well as in training people, having worked as professor at CIFO Santa Coloma and at CIFO Les Franqueses, both belonging to the SOC Department from the Government of Catalonia.

Jordi Martínez Piñol. Tortosa, Tarragona, 1978. (ETSAB 1996-2002, , Università di Roma “La Sapienza” 2003). From year 2001 to 2007, collaborates in different offices of architecture [AdM architects, Oikosvia arquitectura s.c.c.l. and Spaço arquitectura, at Sao Paulo, Brazil]. From that date, works at the company Opersis Construcción en Sec , from where has cooperated between other projects, at execution and construction of the Bridge Pavilion from Expo Zaragoza project from Zaha Hadid architects (2008), and the Commercial Center Las Arenas at Barcelona city, from Richard Rogers Partnership and Alonso i Balaguer architects.

Jordi Mercadé Virgili. El Catllar, Tarragona, 1978. Architect by ETSAB  from year 2005. Has worked at MMAMB as scholarship student  (2001-2005) and as collaborator architect (2005-2006). Founding member at Mercade Architects, since 2005 has developed projects for new constructions, reforms and rehabilitation of residential housings,  urban planning projects, reports, valuations and expert reports. Is town architect at Nulles (Tarragona) since year 2007.


Javier Peña Arribas. Barcelona 1978. Architect by ETSAB  from year 2003.  Restoration's specialist. Since 2001, has worked in several architecture studies. Was head of projects (2006-2012) and partner at Oikosvia arquitectura, s.c.c.l. (2009-2012), where worked on tasks of management, design, and development of architectural projects.


MªLourdes Romeo Sus. Zaragoza 1978. Architect by ETSAB  from year 2003 i DALF Architect from 2011. Since year 2000, collaborates with architecture offices from Barcelona and Zaragoza [Grup Idea, Oikosvia arquitectura, s.c.c.l., Pilar Armand-Ugón/Elsa Ibar, architects and Batlle i Roig architects).  Specialist on the fields of Sustainability, Nets and Energy and founder of architecture study Dip_131.


Silvia Vila Santos. Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, 1974. Architect by ETSAB, has collaborated in several architecture offices from Barcelona [Guillermo Vegas Llobell, Oikosvia arquitectura, s.c.c.l.], where has worked on new construction, reform and rehabilitation projects, for both public and private investors. Currently is working on the commercialization and management of real estate actives, being responsible for the tasks of coordinating the works to adapt and maintenance of the buildings as well as the processing, tracking and procurement of technical documents necessary for any kind of real estate operation.

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